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A payday loan is one of the fastest ways to access cash when you have an emergency that requires money. There are sudden expenses that may come unexpected and money to be solved; payday loan becomes the quick option.

Most people have various reasons to obtain payday loans, depending on their demand or the expense's nature. Applicants of payday loans face the cheaper method of accessing loans even when they have a bad credit history. It is helpful to them when they need an extra source of cash, and they are under bad credit history with other loan lenders.

Payday loans are meant for people in need of law loans urgently. These people are the ones most subjected to bad credit history from other loan lenders. The advantage of these loans is that people can apply for them and pay back the day they get paid. In other words, they are called payday advances where the applicant has to submit his or her payslip to be confirmed for proper arrangement when they will return their loan.

These loans are divided into two, the short-term payday loans for a small amount of loans and long term that are aggregately for a long period; that's is the large amount of money borrowed with high APR. People with poor credit records get an advantage to acquire loans from the payday loan lenders since these lenders do not put poor credit score records from other loan lenders to be a barrier for their customers.

getting bad credit payday loans online

MoneyFall can help you get loans and determine the best payday loan companies (and interest rates) with one simple online form.

Don't let bad credit stop you lending.

If you've been refused a loan before due to a less than desirable credit rating, the payday lenders on our network can help.

You could get the cash you need from direct UK lenders in as little as 15 minutes!

The Poor Credit Payday Loan

This type of payday loan is designed for individuals with bad or poor credit records and helps them acquire loans. It is termed a high-cost short-term loan; when you are in a situation that needs money urgently, you can acquire a loan from this Bad Credit Payday Loan even if you have a poor credit record. Under this type of payday loan, lenders can offer high instalment loans and with loan periods up to twelve months.

Since there are many loan lenders, there is a variation of interest rates on loans due to each lender's different policies. The loan rates are also affected by other loan regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority, where the charges always will be applicable but cap on fees. It means that no paying off more than £24 monthly in every £100 borrowed under caps on fees. It also means no paying more than the double of the initial borrowed amount.

Direct lenders

This means that the FCA direct lender officer should approve your borrowing if you want a personal loan. A payday loan can also use the same format to give a loan to individuals who like to use this kind of borrowing method. Individuals with a good credit score here give the best loan approval with the payday loan companies. Direct lenders sometimes may also include 3rd party client reviews on loan approval decisions.

Credit Brokers

These are personnel or agents who can help you access the best payday loan lenders, and most are found online. For example, MoneyFall finds market lenders to give you a good deal on loan with a lower Annual Percentage Rate all from within it's free service.

If you're worried about decreasing your credit score further by applying to different lenders then MoneyFall can help. Our panel uses auto-decisioning to decide if you're eligible to lend.


No Credit? No Problem

Having a low credit score does not mean you won't get a loan; you will likely still have access to a payday loan. MoneyFall helps you determine the best payday loan lender you get a loan even with a bad credit score.

Is it possible to check if I qualify for a bad credit loan?

Yes. Auto-decisioning helps to narrow down the most likely lenders and soft credit searches can tell you whether you are in deed eligible. This coupled with the specialist lenders we have on our network gives you the best possible chance of lending.

Does a bad credit rating affect my loan application?

Payday loans are designed for the individual with a poor credit score. This means that a bad credit score will not affect you to get when borrowing loans from payday loan lenders. MoneyFall can help you get a loan since it is more connected with suitable lenders who will better deal under all circumstances.

Direct lenders that consider all credit histories

Our panel of lenders has been selected specifically to provide you with the very best chance of lending. Each one is sympathetic to all financial circumstances and keen to offer loans for those in need.

Can bankruptcy stop me from lending?

Not normally. Most lenders nowadays are more concerned about your current financial situation rather than any issues in the past. There's nothing to stop you applying to see who is willing to offer you the cash you need to borrow. In fact the companies MoneyFall send your details to are very happy to consider all applicants.

With a CCJ, can I qualify for a loan?

The CCJ record will not affect your application. Though they last for 6 years they are deemed temporary and many lenders feel that this shouldn't be a burden for such a long period. Therefore many are willing to consider applications from those with County Court Judgements.

Is there such thing as a guaranteed payday loan?

Though we do our best to connect you with the lenders that are more likely to accept your application, it is never guaranteed that you will get a loan; the final decision of course is down to the individual lender.

you can get a payday loan even with bad credit

Can I qualify without a credit check?

Before getting approved for any payday loan, lenders always use a credit checker directed by FCA to decide; therefore, without a credit check, you cannot be considered for a loan. To mitigate any negative effects of too many credit searches on your file, the MoneyFall network use auto-decisioning to find you the most likely lenders, who then can perform a soft credit search to determine eligibility.

Am I able to get an instant decision online?

Yes. In fact in a matter of minutes you can see just how much you can lend, and your choice of lenders willing to offer you the money. The first step is to complete our online form (which only takes a minute or two) after which you will be shown the available lenders willing to offer you the money.

There simply isn't a faster, more convenient way to not only lend but compare the very best interest rates from trustworthy UK direct lenders.


How long does it take for the loan to be sent in my account?

When the loan gets approved, your loan can take approximately 15 min to reach your account.

Do the lenders work with Soft Search?

Yes, the law requires the lenders to use a credit check. Soft Search does the service of credit check, and it does not harm your credit score record.

Do I need a guarantor if I have a bad credit score?

Policies under several lenders defer; those who require you to have a guarantor while others do not. The bad credit history is mostly a factor that can make a lender need you to have a guarantor.