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The demand for short-term loans in the UK has been on the rise in recent days. Many direct lenders often offer the amount of money instantly to those individuals in need of extra funds. However, the amount of money provided is typically meant to resolve unexpected expenses such as illness, car, and home repairs.
Therefore, the short term loan will allow you to borrow the money and address your difficult financial situation quickly.

The good news is that most direct lenders in the UK have started offering short term loans online. The aim is to make such loans available as quickly as possible for sudden needs or expenses. The amount of money can be borrowed by using smartphones, tablets, or laptops almost anywhere and anytime. The procedure of applying for the loan is similar to that of the traditional method. The borrower is expected to provide personal information, and the lender will have to conduct a credit check before issuing out the loan.

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The main difference is that the application is made online, and there is minimal filling of forms. Besides that, the loan is processed faster, and the money is normally available on the same day. Keep in mind that short term loans online have about three months repayment period. The short repayment period makes the loan to have a higher APR. It is, therefore, advisable to use short-term loans to fix short-term financial problems. We recommend not to use the amount given to handle long term issues.

The most wonderful thing is that these quick loans do not require guarantors. You only need to fill in the asked information on the online platform.

What Can I Use Short-Term Loans For?

Short term loans are typically used to handle unexpected expenses. Most of these unanticipated events usually happen when an individual is in a sticky financial situation. Thanks to the online short term loans from direct lenders. The money can help settle these issues without worrying yourself.

Here are the possible uses of short term loans:

  • Home improvement and maintenance bills like the repair of boilers, fridge replacement parts, and washing machines.
  • Automobile repair, servicing, or MOTS.
  • Other unpredicted costs like payment of medical bills or renewal of insurance

There is no need to panic if you do not save for an emergency. It is a problem facing the majority of people in the UK. According to the Office of National Statistics research, it shows that people are saving less and using more of their income.

If you want a quick, simple loan with a short repayment duration then a short term loan could be ideal for you. They're very popular throughout the UK.


Another report from the Financial Conduct Authority indicates that borrowing loans from the online platform and financial institution is on the rise. However, financial constraints and worries are normal. Going for short term lenders such as Dot Dot Loans could be a lifesaver. They offer instant cash to help resolve your current financial situation.

Short-Term Loans Vs Payday Loans

Payday loans are quite common for those people looking for a quick fix during financial constraints. This type of loan is pretty different from short term loans. The amount borrowed can be used to cover emergencies. The good news about payday loans is that an individual is a tide up over until they get paid. It is one type of loan that is draining so many families in the UK. However, payday loans have gained negative reviews over time, and most people are now opting for short-term loans.

The most exciting thing about short-term loans is that they allow individuals to spread the installments' cost. On the contrary, payday loans require people to pay the full amount in one installment. Another important thing to note about payday loans is that they come with high interest compared to short term loans. Furthermore, late repayment of payday loans could result in huge penalties that bump up the initial amount borrowed.

The data from the Financial Conduct Authority indicates that the majority of people going for payday loans are already struggling financially.Therefore, repaying short-term loan installment is quite manageable. Keeping your promise of repaying would improve your credit score in the long run.

The ideal loan for a shorter period.

You might not need a large amount of money, or want to be tied to a loan for a long period. Shorter term lending is the perfect balance between lending amount and repayment duration.

Let MoneyFall help you find the perfect compromise online.

Do I Qualify for A Short-Term Loan?

Many direct lenders are working around the clock to make short term loans easy and fast available to people in financial needs. However, you need to meet the following qualifications before making an application:

  1. Must be over 18 years of age
  2. Must be living in the UK and provide your physical address details
  3. Must be currently working
  4. Must have a valid email address and mobile phone number
  5. Must provide bank account and debit card details

Therefore, the chances of getting loan approval will depend on your situation. The lenders tend to review every application to ensure they give out money responsibly and give you affordable loans.

Can I Take Out A Short Term Loan with A Bad Credit Score?

Absolutely. Many direct lenders no longer rely on credit score checks before approving the loans since they feel outdated. Instead, they offer competitive short-term loans to an individual with a bad credit score. Therefore, most direct lenders in the UK usually offer loans to people with a poor credit score. This has created an ideal environment for people to find the best short term loans that suit their needs.

Thanks to the increase in competition among direct lenders. Individuals with poor credit scores can have access to loans with favourable repayment terms. The good news is that most Direct Lenders in the country are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Therefore, customers are not supposed to worry since lenders are sincere regarding every aspect of the loan. Keep in mind that they follow ethical lending practices.

Will I Need A Guarantor?

Not really. Most direct lenders offering short term loans tend to even work with people having a bad credit score. We work around the clock to find the best short term loan lender for people with a poor credit score. But this only happens after filling up all the asked information online.

How Much Can I Lend?

Short term loans are specifically meant to help people facing unpredicted expenses. Many direct lenders understand that people tend to find themselves in financial needs. They have created a variety of short terms loans to relieve people from such situations. However, these loans need to be paid in a short period since its main purpose was to resolve an emergency need.

You should note that short term loans are similar to other types of loans like payday in repayment time and amount borrowed. For instance, most direct lenders in the UK offer a short-term loan up to £5,000, which is supposed to be paid within three months. The most exciting thing is that most lenders usually have a flexible repayment period. We recommend checking with the lender requirements before making a loan application.

Using the borrowed money responsibly and repaying on time is quite important. You will get to know the benefits of these loans and realise how inexpensive they are when solving unexpected expenses. It is a good note that failure to pay the borrowed amount per the stipulated time frame could result in late repayment penalties, just like other loans. We always advise our readers to borrow the amount they need and repay within the stipulated time frame. It will help reduce the risk of incurring unnecessary high-interest rates.

Even if you have a poor credit rating, you could still get a loan in the short term to cover any expenses you may have.


Is A Short Term Loan Good For My Credit Rating?

In short, any loan taken from a lender, regardless of the type, tends to have a great impact on individual credit ratings. Managing your loan repayment will determine whether to get positive or negative credit ratings. It is recommended to repay your loans within the agreed time frame to improve your credit ratings. But failure to repay or late payment usually results in a negative credit rating, which lowers your credit scores.

If you happen to have other open lines of credit, then find a method to manage them. Missed repayment elsewhere could be detrimental to your credit ratings. However, some direct lenders value credit ratings, and if they see any sign of negative ratings, then the chances of landing a short term loan is reduced.

Where Can I Find The Best Short-Term Loans?

Getting a short term loan is highly dependent on credit score. The issue is tossing the mind of many people with poor credit scores. It is the reason many people are going for direct lenders to help resolve their emergencies. Thanks to the changing society, many lenders are getting to understand their customers' financial needs, and they have devised several ways to help them.

Lenders in the UK have created a selection of short term loans for both good and poor credit scores. They are focusing more on the current financial situation of an individual over the credit score. Most of these short-term loans are paid in installment, and these loans are readily available for people who were declined in the past.

The increase in the number of lenders in the market has created a wider selection choice for people. Therefore, you can choose a lender that suits your needs. We work with a panel of lenders to ensure customers get the best deals. The list of lenders comprises those who accept people with a good and bad credit score. We take our time to search for the best lender but after completing a simple and quick application form online. Most of the lenders in our panel use soft search to help find the best short term loan without posing a negative impact on your credit score.

If you are looking for a quick loan, then you are in the right place. The direct lenders on our panel do not need guarantors.

UK direct lenders you can trust.

You should always do your due diligence when looking for a lender. It's often tempting to go with the first one that accepts your application.

MoneyFall connects you with trusted UK direct lenders, taking the hassle out of searching online.

What Are the Repayment Terms?

Most lenders tend to offer an easy repayment schedule. They have to provide full clarity about every loan details to the FCA, like the repayment period.

According to your financial needs, the majority of the lenders have easy repayment terms and can spread from one to three months. We recommend reading about the repayment terms and schedule manageable periods.

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I Can’t Make Repayment... What Should I Do?

Short term credit from direct lenders do not come with hidden charges, and everything seems to be quite simple. Read all terms and conditions of lenders before applying for a loan. Keep in mind that the more you borrow, you will repay more. Besides that, these short term credits tend to have short repayment periods.

It is advisable to borrow money that you can easily repay. Failure to repay the loan on the stipulated time frame will result in an accumulation of interest rates. Besides that, it will impact your credit rating negatively.

The good news is that most lenders are understanding, and their repayment schedules are highly flexible. Some of them will go the extra mile to help you find the solution.

Are All Lenders Regulated?

Absolutely. The Financial Conduct Authority heavily regulates these types of loans since all lenders have to be authorised before going to the market. The aim is to ensure all the lenders adhere to lending practices such as collection, prices, conduct themselves, and advertising. The oversight body has made it challenging for lenders to acquire credit licenses. The policies and procedures have made lenders and brokers put in place short term loans sectors more controllable.

Short term loans are a real gem for those in need of money quickly despite having poor credit scores from your previous borrowing.