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Borrowers who have no regular earnings often find repaying difficult, thus, resulting in late payments or defaults. At some point, no one is to blame for producing wrong decisions at first is natural, however, it’s important to learn a valuable lesson out of the bad experience. A bad credit score will create a negative impact especially when making a new line of credit; but even with a poor credit history, you can still have the loan you need.

It’s no secret how important credit scores are, specifically when applying for a loan. Those who have a bad credit remark are considered as high-risk, thus, they face consequences such as low loan amount and higher interest rate. However, although the credit history is essential, not every lender needs it. There are a lot of loan providers nowadays that are lenient, making their financial assistance available to those who need.

Loans for unemployed are widely offered especially online, and the market that they belong with is very competitive. Those who have a bad credit remark may not get the lowest rates; however, there is a worthy range of deals that they can consider. What’s more is that there is no need to leave your own premise to find their competitive rates; you can simply go online to know who offers the best deal.

loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor

Hunting For The Cheapest Loan Without A Guarantor

When you have a bad credit score, having expensive rates is normal; however, you can still bring home the cheapest form of credit. Opting for secured loans for unemployed even with bad credit reduces the risk as the lender has something to hold on as a “guarantee” to secure the loan. Generally, it is available to homeowners who are willing to pledge their home or anyone who has a valuable item or property, such as a car, jewellery, or gadgets.
With secured loans, you can borrow not only a cheaper loan but bigger amount. The repayment terms are also flexible but amidst its advantages, it also comes with one threat. Lenders can rightfully repossess your property in the event of default. Nevertheless, there are borrowers who see it as an opportunity, rather than a threat, as it provides a new chance to prove them as a trustworthy borrower.

Unsecured Loans No Guarantor

Bad credit loans for unemployed are not only accessible by those who have properties, it is also available to those who have nothing to pledge in the form of unsecured loans. However, since the risk is not reduced, the borrower will face higher interest rates and lower loan amount. Meanwhile, the overall repayment will increase if they fail to settle on the loan’s maturity date; thus, as a borrower, you should carefully weigh your capabilities before applying for a loan. Finding out the exact amount you need and evaluating whether you can handle it or not will save you from a further financial crisis.

Key points

  • It’s now possible to apply for loans if you have bad credit and no guarantor via UK direct lenders.
  • Decisions regarding an application are typically made within minutes.
  • Interest rates are tailored according to an applicant’s financial circumstances.

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Unemployed, Bad Credit Loan FAQs

Can I use loans for bad credit with no guarantor to help rebuild my credit rating?

You most certainly can do this. However, you will need to ensure that all instalments are repaid on or before their due date each week or month. Failure to do so will result in additional interest being charged on your loan, while also having a further negative effect on your credit rating.

Is there a lengthy application process involved to obtain a loan?

No. The process for applying for a loan will involve providing all of the required information on the website application form and clicking on the “Apply Now” button just below the form. You will need to agree to the website privacy policy and terms and conditions of usage before your application will be submitted for consideration. Once your form has been submitted, one or more lenders will make contact with you.

Why are the interest rates on these loans higher than those being charged by traditional banks?

If you have a bad credit history, cannot provide a guarantor or you are currently unemployed, you will b classified as a high-risk individual where borrowing money is concerned. As a result, the lenders we work with have to charge higher interest rates to cater for this.

How will my loan amount be calculated?

A process called Auto Decisioning will be used to help calculate a safe amount of money for you to borrow and repay. This works by assessing the amounts you have provided with regards to income and regular expenses and calculates a realistic amount that can be repaid over time.

Can I repay my loan before the due date?

Yes you can! If you are able to obtain sufficient funds to repay your loan earlier than the initial due date, you are welcome to do so. The lender you will be working with will explain the procedure to you with regards to doing this.

How much does it cost to apply for bad credit loans with no guarantor?

There will be no upfront cost when applying for a loan through the lenders that we work with. When the lender contacts you, they will explain how the interest rates and repayments will work.