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If you receive benefits you could still get a loan today.

Here at MoneyFall, we work directly with lenders that consider loan applicants in receipt of all income support.

It's likely you have been refused a loan before if you are currently a claimant. All responsible UK lenders have a legal (and ethical) duty to carry out background checks to ensure that anyone applying for a loan is in a position to repay it to avoid them becoming further in debt.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to borrow money when times are hard, so the lending companies on our network are ready and willing to work with you to find a borrowing solution that suits your needs. Small loans for people on benefits of £50 to £900 and even large loans of £1,000 to £25,000 can be made available depending upon your circumstances. Monthly and weekly repayments could be spread from 3, 6, 12 and 18 months making them both convenient and affordable.

Lending Requirements

Though the eligibility requirements of taking out a loan on benefits may vary between companies, typically you will need to:

  1. Claim a minimum of £350 - £400
  2. Live in the UK
  3. Be over 18 years of age
  4. Have valid contact details such as email and phone

If you meet the requirements, there can be a variety of options available to you. You are more likely to be accepted if you claim the following income:

Benefit Received Lending Possible
Family allowance Yes
Family tax credit Yes
Working tax credit Yes
Tax Credits Yes
Disability Working Allowance Yes
Disability Living Allowance Yes
Severe Disablement Benefit Yes
Incapacity Benefit Yes
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit Yes
Fostering Income Yes

However you are less likely to be considered for a loan (though still worth applying free and checking) if your a claimant of the following support:

Benefit Received Lending Possible
Pension Credits Possibly
Income Support Possibly
Child Support Payments Possibly
Job Seekers' Allowance Possibly
Housing Benefit Possibly

In conclusion its likely a lender will be less likely to agree a loan if you are in receipt of short-term benefits (though not all are declined if you can meet the repayments). It's always worth applying and speaking to a professional to view all the options available to you.

How quick is the loan application process?

If you're interested in discovering all the lending possibilities available to you then why not apply online using our quick form to view the UK direct lenders who are happy to lend to people on benefits. You can get an immediate decision and the entire process takes a couple of minutes.

Thankfully, nowadays benefit recipients don't have to face the obstacles that only a few years ago they did, and urgent finance can be made available to far more applicants than ever before.

Further Information

For further information from recognised Government organisations, and for help with any disability debt issues please take a look at the following useful links:

Citizens Advice - Disability and Debt

Money Advice Service - Charitable Grants For Disabled People

StepChange - Struggling With Debt?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

It’s a lot easier than you think. All you need to do is fill in the application form on the website and provide all of the required information. Once this has been done and submitted, one or more lenders may contact you on the same day to offer you a loan.

Will I have to pay any upfront application fees?

No. When one of the lenders we work with contacts you, they will explain how the loan process works. Although you will pay interest on any amount of money you borrow, you should not be asked to pay any upfront fees to have your application processed.

If I have bad credit, will I still be able to apply?

Yes. Many of the lenders we work with will be willing to assist individuals with bad credit histories to obtain loans because they understand that banks and other lending institutions will not normally work with them.

Can I have someone explain to me how the process works?

All of the information you need regarding loans for people on benefits is available on the website. However, if there is anything that you don’t understand, the loan agent who contacts you will be more than happy to explain everything to you. This will enable you to make the most informed decision possible.

How will I know how much I can safely borrow?

When you complete the website application form, you will be asked to provide information regarding the amount of benefit income you receive and your current monthly expenses. This information is then used to calculate how much money you will have left over to repay instalments for any loan you may qualify for. As a result, it’s crucial to ensure that you are 100% truthful when providing this information. Incorrect or inaccurate information could result in you experiencing severe financial difficulties.

Are there any long-term repayment options available?

This will depend on the amount of benefit income you receive and how much your total monthly expenses amount to each week or month. The lenders we work with will inform you about the options that will be available to you with regards to repayments.